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Our Mission

 Our Mission

Developed by a Rideshare Driver with over 31,000 trips in a Major City, the Cyclops™ was developed to keep drivers safe behind and away from the wheel. Our goal is to create a network of Cyclops Roadies™ to let millions of drivers have a real-time snapshot of potential hazards along with a tracking system to allow for the speedy apprehension of potential assailants in the event of a carjacking, theft or worse. Cyclops™ will be an extra set of eyes within and outside the vehicle to put safety back into the hands of the driver.

Reinventing Driver

Creating A Cradle of Safety



Safe-Ride Protection in the Palm of your Hand


Durable Metal Universal Fit

The Cyclops™ will be made of steel and has a unique design that allows it to fit snuggly on most steering wheels. The powered lock is to be comprised of inter-locking titanium teeth that will make it virtually impossible to unlock with a code entered via the app on smart device.

Extended Battery Life

Airtight Security

The Cyclops™ has a built in tracking device along with interlocking titanium teeth that render it virtually impossible to remove without the right access code. The front and back cameras keep an eye on events in front of and within the vehicle. It uses facial recognition to give the driver access to the device along with menu functions on the app. The HD microphone will "listen" for key words when a driver is under duress. Prompts can be customized for safety checkpoints.

The Cyclops's Lithium battery will have a standard life of 12-hours before recharging. The USB port allows for fast charging and also locking and releasing of device from the steering wheel. The device powers down the camera until the smart device is detected within range to conserve the battery. It engages to allow the driver to remote view the surroundings before approaching the vehicle.


How the App Works

Customized Safety Settings

The app allows for a variety of privacy and alert settings with the device such as a voice activated lockout system in the event of danger or theft. The tracking device can be set to track both smart device and the Cyclops™ when attached to vehicle. The panic button can be customized to define who is alerted in the event of an emergency. The "Community" feature allows for hands-free reporting of trouble spots and sharing via social media.

Remote Viewing and Tracking

The remote viewing and tracking allows the user to survey the situation before approaching the vehicle. Video calls can also be initiated through the Cyclops™. The front and aft device cameras can be managed through the app. Activity can be stored via Cloud Services for retrieval when an event log is requested. The app uses external navigation such as Waze and Google Maps for tracking purposes.

The App
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The Cyclops™ has built-in features to avoid the accidental trigger of panic button such as sequenced detection of the pressing of the device. It's design is also low profile and avoids being an obstacle to steering

About Us

The Cyclops Roadie Community

Deterrence Drives Safety

With steadily rising numbers of carjackings and thefts, the best prevention is for would be assailant to know a large community of Cyclops Roadies are out in force to direct authorities to the quick apprehension of assailants and disabling of smart devices to render them useless for the fencing of stolen devices. Our vision of to create a cradle of protection deter these efforts and keep drivers and passengers safe on the road. Drivers can earn points towards rewards for reporting safety issues that can be inputted safely through voice while driving.

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We are seeking $1,500,000 in 1st round funding to complete the development of the Cyclops™ App along with full build of a completely functioning , market-ready product. This initial round will also cover our marketing/advertising  and production of 1,000 devices. (Will entertain acquisition offer for a minimum of $75-million for business concept and Intellectual Property Rights.)

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